Visa Waiver Program: Spring 2012 Newsletter Supplement


The Embassy of the Republic of Poland issued special Spring 2012 Newsletter Supplement addressing Visa Waiver Program. After President Obama visited Poland in May 2011, he released a letter declaring his support for Poland’s inclusion…

Drop Visas For Poland – Get Involved


Schumer says: ‘Drop Visas For Poland’ Polish Americans Can Make It Happen By Alex Storozynski, President Kosciuszko Foundation After years of broken promises from Washington, Poland finally has a chance of being included in the…

Collage Competition – Blessed John Paul II Among Children


The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Los Angeles announces 6TH/7TH/8TH  Grade Collage Competition on the subject of Blessed John Paul II Among Children organized by Friends of John Paul II Foundation of…

A Polonia Questionnaire for a Student in Poland

Help Polish student by filling out a questionnaire!              02-20-2012

Associated Press bans phrase “Polish death camps”


Dear Friends of The Kosciuszko Foundation The Associated Press has joined The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and Yahoo! Inc., in changing their Stylebook regarding concentration camps.   According…

Kresy-Syberia: kampania „Pamiętajmy o Sybirakach”


Po raz kolejny śladem dwóch poprzednich lat Fundacja Kresy-Syberia realizuje w okolicach i w dniu 10 lutego kampanię edukacyjną „Pamiętajmy o Sybirakach”. W latach 1940-41 w czterech masowych deportacjach z terenów Kresów Wschodnich II RP…