Polish WWII Resistance Fighter, Józef Zawitkowski

The Buffalo News published a story about Józef Zawitkowski, a father of Jan Zawitkowski.  He is 95 now and  has outlived all of the other members of his WWII resistance unit.  He lives in Wilson, near Lake Ontario.


Jozef Zawitkowski served as a deputy commander in charge of some 300 members in the „Ojciec Jan” unit, which was stationed in the safety of the Janow Forest in the southeast portion of Poland.

It was in this dense woods that Zawitkowski and other officers helped mold their unit into a fighting machine that raised havoc with the Germans.

„My father trained other young men in land navigation, firearms and military tactics,” said Jan Zawitkowski, Jozef’s 64-year-old son, who assisted his 95-year-old father in telling this story. „My dad is more comfortable communicating in his native Polish.”