Swedish Group Sabaton Concert in Houston

Do you know very popular group SABATON from Sweden? If you know and like them, consider going to their concert in the Clear Lake Scout Bar.

DATE:  Thursday, May 18,2017, 7PM

VENUE: Scout Bar, 18307 Egret Bay Blvd, Houston, TX, 77058

TICKETS: $21   Buy Tickets

Houston concert is Sabaton’s stop on their „The Last Tour” in North America.  We received this concert invitation, as the musicians have been inspired by events from Polish history, turning them into great heavy metal songs.
Sabaton hopes to unite Polish people with their music and lyrics, singing sometimes about tragic other times glorious events in our history, but doing so in a way that bolsters strength, not sadness.
And because of that they deserve recognition and support from the Polonia, particularly because the group does not enjoy nearly the same popularity here in America that it does in Europe.  I also think it would be a wonderful event for the Polish community, especially the younger part of it.  I think it would be pretty awesome if we could go as a group, with Polish flags and t-shirts, standing together and perhaps singing together.  Watching the videos from their concerts in Poland with the masses of people there, singing in unison, with giant Polish flags is amazing to watch, and I know we can’t replicate that here.  However, we can still have fun, and since the concert will be smaller it will be more intimate, making it easier to voice our support and perhaps even talk to them afterwards …it also means that each person counts, so the more Poles with flags the better.  

Generally they sing about historical events, which is quite interesting.  One of their other top songs is about a Texan hero:  Audie Murphie in „To Hell and Back.”  They sing in English, which is their second language, albeit one as Swedes they are very familiar with.  And they sing about events in Polish history some of which I haven’t even heard about: Witold Pilecki in „Inmate 4859,” other events I used to shudder thinking about: Powstanie Waszawskie „Uprising” (my great grandmother died along with her oldest son during one of the bombings leaving my 8 year old grandfather and his three other siblings alone during it and is not something I want to think about for too long) and still others I, generally not a history buff, wasn’t really interested: Battle of Vienna in „Winged Hussars.”

Check some of Sabaton’s videos, all  below related to Polish history.