Jess Says Yes – Vlog

We have posted many vacation postcards in the past. This is first time we are sharing video blog created by Polish Houstonian, Jessica, who is documenting her Argentina adventure.
Many of you already know her.   If not – get to know her in this episode and if you like it, see all of them!

Episode 1:  Pre-Buenos Aires
Episode 2:  Home and School in Buenos Aires
Episode 3:  Week One Complete!
Episode 4:  Embracing the Unknown
Episode 5:  Alfajores and Palermo Parks
Episode 6:  Iguazu Falls
Episode 7:  The Rules of Mate
Episode 8:  Movies in Spanish
Episode 9:  Cordoba, Argentina
Episode 10: Laundry Time
Episode 11: The EM of an Era! Chau Chica
Episode 12: The Malabia House
Episode 13: Parents Arrive and The week Takes a Turn
Episode 14: Harvey and Iguazu Round Two