Harvey Story – Joanna, Grzegorz and their children

Harvey impacted families are exhausted, after days of cleaning to win the race with mold, but not to win back their normal life yet.  Friends’ help – priceless!

We are family of 4 2 adults Joanna and Grzegorz Ira, with 2 kids, Nicholas- 15 yo, Noemi-13 yo  

We lost house in the flood, furniture and a car  

We applied to FEMA  

Moving into apartment now. We lived at neighbor down the street for a week  

Our address is Tartan Ln, Houston, TX 77025  

We need furniture and queen bed and mattress  

We have difficulty getting a rental car so anything will help.   I am a physician and working in Legacy clinic and have a friend driving me to work daily in 3811 Lyons avenue  

Grzegorz is BCM professor – he has a car.  

The car is affecting our ability to work and is most necessary at this time.


Joanna Ira, MD

You can help Joanna directly or by donating to GoFundMe account

created to help Houston Polonia affected by Hurricane Harvey: