Summer Language Institute

The University of Pittsburgh’s Summer Language Institute (SLI) at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures has generous full and partial scholarships available for applicants to our Polish program this summer. They offer three levels of Polish – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced – led by a dedicated and experienced team of native-speaking Polish teachers.

The deadline for priority scholarship consideration is coming up on March 1st, 2019, though the applications after this date can still be accepted.

There are also options to study abroad in Krakow as a part of our course offerings!

SLI accepts undergraduates, graduates, and highly-motivated non-affiliated learners. We have a combination of traditional students and adult learners. In some cases, we can accept high school students who demonstrate the requisite maturity and dedication to Polish required to succeed in an intensive program.

Our students come from all over the county for the learning opportunities, which include not only language training in all four modes (speaking, reading, listening, and writing), but also a rich program of extra-curricular activities including film screenings, lectures, ethnic picnics, and other community and cultural activities.

Out-of-state students may study at SLI for fees equivalent to the in-state tuition rate. With SLI scholarships applied, our courses are one of the most affordable options out there for this kind of specialized training. 

Detailed information about our programs can be found on our website, Please share this opportunity with anyone you know who is interested in learning Polish.

I will follow up on this email with a graphic that advertises our Polish program course in case you would be willing to share it on social media.

I hope our courses might be of interest to the members of your organization or their families and friends who may be interested in learning the beautiful Polish language in a friendly environment and in a city with a deep connection to Poland!

Thank you! Bardzo dziękuję!

All the very best,

Kathleen Manukyan, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Summer Language Institute

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

University of Pittsburgh

1228 Cathedral of Learning

4200 5th Ave., Pittsburgh PA

Tel. 412-624-5711 |