Konkurs historyczny na temat ruchu SOLIDARNOŚĆ


2021 Competition on the Solidarity Movement

We invite you to learn about the price of freedom the Polish people have been paying for decades as a result of the 1945 Yalta Agreement. Take part in this unique opportunity to develop unknown chapters of the history of the Solidarity Movement and the so-called peaceful transition of Poland to a free-market economy!

The 2021 Competition is offered in two main categories:
A. Documentary Film
B. Historical Essay

First Prize in each Category: 3,000 USD

Generous additional prizes will be awarded!

The submission deadline:

September 18, 2021

2021 Competition of the Polonia Institute on the Solidarity Movement is open to adults 18 years or older as of September 18, 2021. The work submitted must be in the English language.

For detailed information, including application forms and guidelines for Documentary Film and Historical Essay, please see 2021 Competition Announcement on the History of Poland – the Solidarity Movement – at our website:


You can inquire via info@poloniainstitute.net or call (310) 536-9591.