Mountains and Desire – new book by Margret Grebowicz

We are proud to introduce a new book by Margret Grebowicz:

Mountains and Desire – Climbing vs. The End of the World

Margret Grebowicz grew up in Houston. She is a professor at the Center for Critical Technology Studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice, specializing in contemporary environmental philosophy. Mountains and Desire is her fifth book. She also publishes in magazines like The Atlantic and Slate, and is founding editor of Practices, a new series to be published by Duke University Press.

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Margret Grebowicz joins PTO to talk about her new book, ‚Mountains and Desire: Climbing vs. The End of the World’. We talked about how the notion of the boho climbing rat, who forgoes a normal life and conventional ideas of success has given way to the idea of the modern climber as emblematic of entrepreneurial achievement and heteronormativity.