Polish mother stil looking for her son, lost in Houston in 2008

Many of our visitors have already heard about Polish sailor who disappeared from BBC Ecuador in August 2008, while the ship was waiting to enter Houston Ship Channel.  The authorities has declared them dead, but his mother still hopes he lives somewhere in USA, maybe in Houston.     She came to Houston in 2011 trying to find out more about his disappearance.   She went back to Poland still believing he might still be alive.

We are posting Piotr Piela’s photos again.  He was 27 year old then, 33 today.   He is 5.9 ft tall, has blue eyes and brown hair.   He has a vertical scar on his chin, and a tattoo on his right fore arm.  Please have a close look at these photos and share them with your friends!


Poszukiwany – Ktokolwiek Widzial








Piotr Piela’s mother, Joanna,

Houston Port Channel,

March 2011