Alicja Bielawska’s exhibition in Dallas

alicja_bielawska_1DALLAS – CYDONIA Gallery is pleased to present ALICJA BIELAWSKA’S first solo exibition in the United States.

The Exhibition opens

on Friday, September 25

the  reception taking place

from 6:00PM UNTIL 8:00PM.


Alicja Bielawska’s practice exists within the ontological rift between object and abstraction. By disrupting this process of reconciling what we know and what we see, she calls attention to one’s own state of perception and memory. This inability to recall forms that seem familiar creates a disruption in understanding. This pause makes us aware of how our perception is tied to memory. When we face the unknown, we indirectly face the limits of the past.
The Warsaw-based artist poetically describes her exhibition: “The elements are set in the space. They carry a potential for a bigger whole. They create points of references for themselves, switching between the flatness of a drawing and the tactility of a sculpture. The possible constellations are within a hand’s reach.”

Relying on the tension of the uncannily familiar, Reference Points for Potential Constellations includes both two and three-dimensional objects, taking into consideration the gallery’s preexisting layout. Minimalistic forms quietly surface out of a subconscious ocean, whilst conjuring the everyday geometry present in our life.

CYDONIA is a contemporary art gallery located in Dallas, Texas focused on supporting the careers of emerging artists whose practices have international relevance. Our mission is to show artists that have cultural and historical significance, conceptual rigor, or are the singular voice of their generation. Our values include service, ethics, and most importantly, posterity.

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