Telephone Protest to MSNBC’s TV News Program

Dear Polish American,
Please defend the truth about Poland and the Poles during World War II by participating in the telephone protest against Ms. Andrea Mitchell’s wrong report, broadcast by MSNBC television from Warsaw on February 13, 2019. Mitchell falsely claimed that Poles collaborated with Nazi German soldiers in the brutal liquidation of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto in April 1943.

The MSNBC New York City telephone number 212-664-4444 will connect you with the Comments Line for the „Andrea Mitchell Reports” television program. Please leave a BRIEF, in order to allow many callers to register their protests,
message along the following lines:

Attention Ms. Mitchell, you wrongly reported that Poles collaborated with Nazi German soldiers in the April 1943 liquidation of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto. You owe your viewers the truth. Please promptly deliver, on your MSNBC program, „Andrea Mitchell Reports”,
a correction of your false statement. 

The President of the Polish American Congress, Mr.Frank J.Spula, will write to the CEO of MSNBC to support the telephone protest.
Please telephone MSNBC. Register your protest today in defense of Poland, the Poles, truth, and memory.

John Czop
Director of Policy Planning
Polish American Congress