Duo Dramatique – Dominika Dancewicz and Donald Doucet in the Museum of Fine Arts

DUO DRAMATIQUE is excited to start our 2019-20 concert season with the debut performance at the Museum of Fine Arts on Thursday, August 29, 2019, at 6.30PM!

This Gallery Concert, generously hosted by MFAH, will accompany the current exhibition on view at the Museum: “Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography”. Showcasing some 200 photos outlining the history of fashion photography from the aristocrats and classic chic, through the wartime, street style and modernism, until the era of pop culture, this exhibition gives a perfect background to The Duo’s “TRAVEL THROUGH STYLE” concert. Starting with the voluptuous Baroque, traveling trough Classical and Romantic eras, all the way to jazz, crossover, contemporary and pop styles, this performance will be a fun and educational way of taking in the inevitable changes happening in music and arts, parallel to those that were happening in the world of fashion.

As always, the musicians of Duo Dramatique (, violin and Donald Doucet, piano), will entertain you with short, educational talks about the music. Come in and enjoy the unique MFAH show together with gorgeous music!

This concert is FREE with the exhibition ticket. The concert location is Upper Gallery, just by the “Icons of Style” exit. For more information please click HERE.